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    An American teacher finds love—and death—in the deserts of Kuwait.  More


    Stagger through white-hot 1968 in this deeply political, thoroughly noir masterpiece.  More


    Dark stories from a brilliant new horror writer. Unlike any other collection.  More


    Lyrical stories of New York jazz greats after they leave the stage. More

    Two warring guilds struggle to survive in a bone-dry future. More


    This smoking, jazzy LA noir puts the hit in hit records. More


    Visceral, fascinating tales of the human body gone very wrong. More


    Vivid, hallucinatory stories of fishermen and the sea. More


    Wild noir by a modern master, widely available for the first time. More


    Surreally beautiful tale of Jim Crow as a performer and beyond. More


    Fantastically strange stories from the master of twisted comedy. More


    Possibly the most disturbing novel ever written. Can you handle it? More


    Surreal pop culture stew served up by a top young playwright. More


    Coming of age in the Sixties in a quirky, alternative prep school. More


    Twelve stories from a clear-eyed chronicler of small-town darkness. More


    Sixties radicals confront life after politics and revolution.  More


    Hilarious dystopian novel explores the disastrous near future. More


    Kafka-esque novel set in a hallucinatory jungle rife with deception. More


    When a cop kills a innocent black man, his father searches for revenge. More


    A ship runs aground in Alaska and its crazed crew can’t give it up. More


    Ribald romp through academia and way beyond. More

    Dance legend Hodes chronicles his many years with Martha Graham. More


    Legendary first novel praised by everyone from Baldwin to Barthelme. 


    Minstrel show arrives in Japan in 1854, confusing locals. Now available from Dzanc Books


    American principal gets mixed up in Nigerian intrigue. Now available from Dzanc Books.


    Hard and hilarious debut originally published here, now available from  New Pulp Press