Glenn Gray is renowned among noir writers and readers for his powerful, visceral stories, which have appeared in a wide range of print and online publications and anthologies. He is at work on his first novel. Beyond his writing career, Glenn is a practicing physician specializing in Radiology. He lives in New York with his wife and three daughters.

The Little Boy Inside

By Glenn Gray


What men do to their bodies and what their bodies do to them. That's the subject of this debut story collection from Glenn Gray, who brings his singular voice to an unholy genre all his own. In these seventeen remarkable stories, bodies harbor secrets, slough off the past, and morph in grotesque, absurd ways. Doctors are required to do no harm, but not writers like Glenn Gray. His characters—doctors and patients, body builders and drug dealers—take up permanent residence in our imaginations, leaving us amazed, damaged, and transformed forever.


“An exciting and disgusting voice in crimey/horrory fiction. Gray brings the most awful experiences of the human body to life in a way that goes beneath the flesh to the psyche . . .

– Jedidiah Ayres, Hardboiled Wonderland


“The mysterious medical situations within this collection are just hooks to bigger and better things . . .It's clear that with each story, Gray's refining his narrative chops into a force to be reckoned with.
– Tim Hennessy, Crimespree

Glenn Gray is an amazing talent. These fantastic studies of human vulnerabilities will rock you. I read them with a mixture of pleasure, anxiety, and perplexed despair—exactly what the short story, at its best, should deliver.”
– Rick DeMarinis


“Glenn Gray is the finest MD to practice American literature since William Carlos Williams. His disdain for the boundaries of genre make this collection a vastly entertaining treat for lovers of all sorts of literary transgression.”
– Scott Phillips