The Hour Between

A Novel by Sebastian Stuart




When Arthur MacDougal is kicked out of Manhattan’s toniest boys’ school, his parents ship him off to the only place that will take him in – the Christian Science inflected Spooner School. There, in the woods of Connecticut, Arthur meets Katrina Felt, the charming, troubled daughter of a Hollywood movie star. As Arthur struggles with his sexuality and Katrina’s beauty and talent land her in a Broadway musical, the two forge a tender friendship.

But while Arthur’s confidence grows, Katrina is pulled down by the heartbreaking secrets and sorrows of her past. By the year’s end, their lives will be changed forever.



“A cross between A Separate Peace and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
– Anita Shreve

“I loved this book!  Filled with personality, compassion, and fabulous atmosphere, it’s a compelling tale of friendship between cracked by loveable people.”
– Michael Musto

“I love stories about friendship, particularly those in which friendship is recalled under a nostalgic haze. I found the whole thing quite lovely. Stuart knows how to cut the pathos with some sharp wit.”
– Daniel Goldin of the Boswell Book Company, on NPR

 “Put simply this is the most beautifully written novel I have read in years.”

 “I fell in love with The Hour Between on page one. This story is all heart – at the same time it’s layered with wit, sorrow, and pitch-perfect satire.”
Elinor Lipman