Stona Fitch’s novels have been published in ten languages and have inspired feature films and graphic novels. Known for crossing genres and challenging assumptions, his work combines the pace of thrillers with the resonance of literary fiction. In 2008, Fitch founded the Concord Free Press and established a new kind of publishing, one based on generosity. He continues to lead the CFP with his wife Ann and a growing community of kindred writers, designers, and editors.

Printer's Devil

A Novel by Stona Fitch

Introduction by Doug Johnstone



Two warring guilds struggle to survive in a bone-dry future where natural disaster has become commonplace. Picking up where A Clockwork Orange and On The Beach left off, Printer’s Devil searches for remnants of humanity in a post-apocalyptic land. A fable in the spirit of Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians, this meditation on power and its abuses echoes with disturbing parallels to the present. While Fitch’s acclaimed novel Senseless explored the explosive combination of technology and terrorism, Printer’s Devil creates a darker, dessicated world ruled by primitive tribal allegiances, fear, and violence. Originally published in the UK, now this novel is available to US readers in a limited edition (paperback and ebook) that supports the Concord Free Press. 

“Compulsively readable but also incredibly thought-provoking, thrilling but also highly perceptive, this is everything a modern novel should be.”
– The List

 “A wonderfully dark, dystopian tale set in a world where excessive consumerism has led to an environmental collapse.”
– The Independent on Sunday 

 “Small like a stick of dynamite.”
– Publishers Weekly

 “A bleak and disturbing tale. Right from the opening torture scene you are knocked sideways and never really given the chance to recover.”
– Scott Pack

 “Printer’s Devil is written with consummate skill and great heart, and I can think of no better combination than that.”
– Doug Johnstone, from the Introduction